Google News prioritizes national news outlets in the narrative of local issues: the case of the Portland protests

(by Sean Fischer, Kokil Jaidka, and Yphtach Lelkes) Portland, OR became the object of national attention in July as the standoff between federal agents and protesters reached its climax. National attention to the conflict in Portland was awakened by the New York Times on July 17. Search interest for the topic peaked on July 20th.... Continue Reading →

Auditing the presence of local news outlets on Google News

This paper is out! Data collection was intense... four laptops/PCs connected to VPN, nearly three hundred thousand queries, and millions of search results. And, after Sean's expert dplyr munging, we have a Nature Human Behavior paper. Worth it, I say! 🙂 Data collection! Picture taken in April of 2019 The paper is at: Fischer,... Continue Reading →

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