The AAAI-19 CL-Aff Shared Task: in Pursuit of Happiness

It has long been known that human affect is context-driven, and that labeled datasets should account for these factors in generating predictive models of affect. This motivates our Shared Task, which is organized in collaboration with researchers at Megagon Labs and is built upon the HappyDB dataset, comprising human accounts of `happy moments'. The purpose... Continue Reading →


Online Information behavior and Self-disclosure

The focus of my work is on understanding the role of platform affordances in facilitating information disclosure, information seeking, and information-sharing. These affordances have implications for self-disclosure and user trait prediction, for example, on Facebook vs Twitter. At the community level too, the affordances of different platforms, such as Twitter vs. Google Search, imply that... Continue Reading →

Data Science Projects @ Adobe

Collaboration with Adobe Research India - Affect mining and optimization for marketing content, and behavioral profiling of users.¬†When I was at Adobe, my research mostly focused on automated content analysis for analytics and performance reporting in digital marketing scenarios. My background in natural language processing and linguistics makes me very familiar with the kind of... Continue Reading →

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