Open tools for Natural Language Processing / NLProc / NLP

Liling Tan of Saarland University compiled a list of open source NLP tools for anyone to get started with. Thanks Liling! We don't know each other, but your list is awesome!   Here's the compiled list of NLP tools. Here are the NLP tools slides that Liling presented at FOSS Asia in 2017.

Writing a peer review

Update: I got an ICWSM Reviewer Award this year -- Thanks ICWSM!I'm using this post as a running list of checkpoints for reviewers of computational social science and computer science conferences. But everything can be generalized to whichever field you belong to. Here's a short and sweet list of points to write your next peer... Continue Reading →

The CL-SciSumm Corpus 2017

Announcing the SciSumm corpus. The purpose behind the release of this corpus is to highlight the challenges and relevance of the scientific summarization problem, support research in automatic scientific document summarization and provide evaluation resources to push the current state of the art.

The WKWSCI Sentiment Lexicon

The WKWSCI Sentiment Lexicon by Christopher S. G. Khoo, Sathik Basha Johnkhan and Jin-Cheon Na is based on the 6of12dict lexicon, and currently covers adjectives, adverbs and verbs. The words were manually coded with a value on a 7-point sentiment strength scale. The effectiveness of the four sentiment lexicons for sentiment categorization at the document-level and sentence-level was evaluated using an Amazon product review dataset.... Continue Reading →

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