Social media’s role in the DC riots?

Comments written for the Channel News Asia, with inputs based on primary research from Dr. Saifuddin Ahmed Parts of the riot were planned online on Facebook etc - why wasn't anything done? This time the call for rioting came from the man himself, from a video posted to social media, so it's not necessary to... Continue Reading →

Google News prioritizes national news outlets in the narrative of local issues: the case of the Portland protests

(by Sean Fischer, Kokil Jaidka, and Yphtach Lelkes) Portland, OR became the object of national attention in July as the standoff between federal agents and protesters reached its climax. National attention to the conflict in Portland was awakened by the New York Times on July 17. Search interest for the topic peaked on July 20th.... Continue Reading →

Trump and social media

written for Channel News Asia in October 2020 , with inputs and primary research results provided by Dr. Saifuddin Ahmed How would you describe President Trump's use of social media, has it done more harm than good? Social media is the core communication tool for Trump and the Trump White House. In fact, even since... Continue Reading →

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