The CL-Aff HappyDB dataset: in Pursuit of Happiness

It has long been known that human affect is context-driven, and that labeled datasets should account for these factors in generating predictive models of affect. This motivates our Shared Task, which is organized in collaboration with researchers at Megagon Labs and is built upon the HappyDB dataset, comprising human accounts of `happy moments'. I'll add... Continue Reading →

Cl-SciSumm Shared Task 2018

The 4th CL-SciSumm 2018 Shared Task, sponsored by Microsoft Research Asia. The Shared Task on the relationship mining and scientific summarization of computational linguistics research papers was organized at SIGIR from 2017-2019. Scientific summarization can play an important role in developing methods to index, represent, retrieve, browse and visualize information in large scholarly databases. More... Continue Reading →

The WKWSCI Sentiment Lexicon

The WKWSCI Sentiment Lexicon by Christopher S. G. Khoo, Sathik Basha Johnkhan and Jin-Cheon Na is based on the 6of12dict lexicon, and currently covers adjectives, adverbs and verbs. The words were manually coded with a value on a 7-point sentiment strength scale. The effectiveness of the four sentiment lexicons for sentiment categorization at the document-level and sentence-level was evaluated using an Amazon product review dataset.... Continue Reading →

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