Hi, this is a website profiling my research and publications. I can be contacted at lastname [at]

I am a Principal Investigator at the NUS Centre for Trusted Internet and Community, and an Assistant Professor in Computational Communication at the National University of Singapore. My research interests lie in examining the role of social media platforms in enabling self-presentation and social behavior. My particular interest is in developing computational models of language for the measurement and understanding of computer-mediated communication. I publish mainly in CS conferences with a computational social science track (ICWSM, WebSci, EMNLP and the ilk) and in communication research journals (notably Journal of Communication, and Telematics and Informatics). At NUS, I will be teaching a course on social media and one on computational media literacy in the forthcoming semester.

This year, I organized a Shared Task on Interactional Affect (The OffMyChest Shared Task) at the third Affective Content Analysis workshop @ AAAI in Feb 2020 together with Adobe and the University of Pennsylvania. Last year, we organized a “pursuit of happiness”, quite literally, in the form of another language modeling task.

Before joining NUS, I spent a year as a Presidential postdoctoral fellow at Nanyang Technological University in 2018. I also spent two glorious years as a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania, working with Prof. Lyle Ungar as a part of the World Wellbeing Project. In what seems to be a previous life, I was a Data Scientist at Adobe between Nov 2013 – Sep 2016 on research technologies for the Adobe Marketing Cloud. I am a co-inventor on nine patents which are awarded or under review at the US PTO.

My older projects and workshops were mainly in the area of scientific summarization — notably my PhD thesis, which was titled, “A Literature Review Framework for Multi-document Summarization of Research Papers”. Until recently, I was the coordinator of CL-SciSumm, a scientific summarization data challenge, and the NLPIR4DL workshop series, which was held as the BIRNDL workshop at JCDL 2016, SIGIR 2017 and SIGIR 2018.

My academic idols are (in alphabetical order of first names) Dr. Jamie Pennebaker, Dr. Lyle Ungar, Dr. Karen Sparck-Jones, Dr. Min-Yen Kan, Dr. Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon, Dr. Simone Teufel, and Dr. Yphtach Lelkes. I think all good researchers are excellent story-tellers, but some of them are also fabulous teachers. It’s my goal to try to be both. Thanks for visiting my website!

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