Hi, this is a website profiling my research and publications. I can be contacted at kokil [at] pmail.ntu.edu.sg

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. I am working with Prof. Lyle Ungar as a part of the World Wellbeing Project. My research interests lie in computational approaches to explore the role of online communication for health and political outcomes.

I completed my PhD in Information Studies from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information in 2014. My PhD thesis was titled, “A Literature Review Framework for Multi-document Summarization of Research Papers”. The primary research areas I explored were in Applied Linguistics and Text Summarization. My supervisors were Christopher Khoo and Jin-Cheon Na. My thesis review panel comprised Edie Rasmussen (UBC), Francis Bond (NTU) and Brendan Luyt (NTU). Related to this, I am currently the main coordinator of CL-SciSumm, a scientific summarization data challenge, and the NLPIR4DL workshop series, which was recently held as the BIRNDL workshop at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries in June 2016.

I have worked as a Computer Scientist at Adobe between Nov 2013-Sep 2016 on research technologies for the Adobe Marketing Cloud. I worked on datasets of large volumes, using machine learning and unsupervised approaches to model outcomes for marketing activities. I am the inventor or co-inventor of several patents which are under review at the US PTO.

My other recent research projects have been in the area of social media and social network analysis, where I have investigated the purchase intentions, content and community behavior of social media users, to predict different kinds of outcomes.

Thanks for visiting my website!


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