This study is for American Twitter users with iPhones / Android smartphones. We would like to invite you to participate in an exciting research study about “Experiments with social media use.” If you stay committed to the research study over four weeks AND complete two short surveys, you will earn a $25 Amazon gift card.If... Continue Reading →

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The SMOL Project

Image credits: Swati Vats for the SMOL project. The Social Media, Online behavior and Language project focuses on online human behavior and computer mediated communication. SMOL is also internet lingo for something that's small and cute. Founding member and PI: Dr. Kokil Jaidka, Assistant Professor, NUS Research Areas: The role of affordances in computer-mediated communication:... Continue Reading →

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Resources for writing a top AI / NLP for CSS paper

Helpful hacks for computational social science scholars and the AI for Social Impact track of major AI conferences It's always been important, but now it is increasingly common for computational social science researchers to contextualize their work in the broader application domain that their work is about. Consider this excerpt from ICWSM's call for papers,... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Vine vs TikTok

Compiled for Romano Santos, Vice. Image: CC Why do you think Vine was so popular, and why do you think it ultimately failed?  Vine demonstrated the power of unedited raw video in a social media space saturated with text and touched-up selfies. It created a new genre of fast comedy content that is still nostalgically... Continue Reading →

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