The SMOL Project

Image credits: Swati Vats for the SMOL project.

Every story has a beginning. This post is the beginning of the SMOL Project. The Social Media, Online behavior and Language project focuses on online human behavior and computer mediated communication. One day, we’ll have our own spiders, bots, crawlers, apps, and python (scripts).

SMOL is also internet lingo for something that’s small and cute. Right now, SMOL is a reading group with a member strength of one. It’s creeping into existence from a thought to a place on the web. But, it still exists only in the letters strung together in this post. Hello Google index! We’re inviting ourselves to your party!

Founding member and PI: Dr. Kokil Jaidka, Assistant Professor, NUS

There it is. And now, at this point, SMOL metamorphoses from tadpole thought into froglet figment, just as soon as I click “Publish.”

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