The SMOL Reading Group

Every story has a beginning. This post is the beginning of the SMOL Lab. The Social Media, Online behavior and Language Lab will be a wondrous place, studying online human behavior and computer mediated communication in ways big and small. One day, we'll have our own spiders, bots, crawlers, apps, and python (scripts). For now,... Continue Reading →

Stats 101: Where to stat?

See what I did there? If you're anything like me, you're finding your way backwards into stats after spending a lifetime thinking that all there was to the field was mean, median, mode, sometimes cumulative frequency, and those are things you left behind in high school. Newsflash: not only is stats underlying every quantitative prediction... Continue Reading →

Guide to planning and analyzing experiments

I discovered this amazing tutorial on planning and analyzing experiments by Eytan Bakshy and Sean Taylor of Facebook research, and I'm so glad I found it while I was still designing my first experiment. This is an amazing, comprehensive resource that takes you from starting to think about experiment design, all the way to what... Continue Reading →

Writing a peer review

Update: I got an ICWSM Reviewer Award this year -- Thanks ICWSM!I'm using this post as a running list of checkpoints for reviewers of computational social science and computer science conferences. But everything can be generalized to whichever field you belong to. Here's a short and sweet list of points to write your next peer... Continue Reading →

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